Knights of Columbus Honor Deceased Veterans

On Sunday, November 10th, Sir Knights from Holy Child Assembly 3282 honors the United States of America’s deceased Veterans by placing new U.S. Flags at their gravesites in Catholic Cemeteries in the mountains and points east of Albuquerque. Covering significant geographic areas in Central New Mexico, the Assembly’s Sir Knights visited graves of veterans, removed weather-beaten and worn US Flags, cleaned up gravesites and placed new U.S. Flags near each veteran’s headstone.

This event, intended to recognize and remember the patriotic sacrifices of our Veterans, ensures that new flags are placed at gravesites whether the deceased died while defending America’s freedom or passed away later in life – it is the recognition of service before self.

While flags are often placed at graves at Memorial Day in May, the harsh sun and climate of New Mexico often quickly deteriorates our US standard.  This event provides another opportunity to place a fresh “Old Glory” in honor of our veterans.

Figure 1 District Marshal Geoff Bacon at the Tijeras Cemetery
Figure 2 Sir Knight Dan Bruns and DM Geoff Bacon prepare to place flags in Tijeras
Figure 3 One of many Veterans honored with a new US Flag
Figure 4 US Flags placed at Catholic Cemeteries at locations mark with a Blue Star Locations

Geoff Bacon, District Marshal – Central NM
Holy Child Assembly 3282

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